Oxy Mist Treatments

Rejuvenate, renew, revitalise and refresh

A unique treatment that contains pure medical grade oxygen and Amino-Plex skin enhancing nutrients and antioxidants to intensively stimulate collagen production and destroy bacteria associated with acne. It improves the health of blood vessels and is excellent for sallow, tired and dull skin. And because Amino-Plex Oxy mist treatment contains pure medical oxygen you will receive the best treatment available for improving the quality ,tone and texture of your skin


Duration: Always as an add on
to your treatment


Treatment Price: $55

What are the benefits of Amino-Plex therapy?

xxReplenishes nutrients

xxRestores moisture balance

xxCombats signs of ageing

Skin renewal occurs with collagen turnover and removal of dry, damaged skin. In order for this to occur, the basic building blocks of skin, along with elastin and collagen synthesis, must be supplied.Amino-plex provides essential nutrients that are lost on a daily basis due to environmental factors, such as, sun, pollution and other climatic condition.

What are the benefits of pure medical oxygen for your skin?

xxHealthy skin

xxCellular repair

xxStimulating collagen

xxDestroys bacteria

The benefits of oxygen to the skin have been known for long time. Recently published studies revealed that the epidermis and dermis receive oxygen from the atmospheric air-the air we breathe.As skin ages, it looses it ability to retain adequate levels of oxygen. As the oxygen supply diminishes, lines, wrinkles and dull skin will become more pronounced.

Who should use Oxy-Mist treatment?

Everyone and every skin type

xxLaser resurfacing

xxChemical Peels


xxHair removal

xxCosmetic surgery

xxAcne prone skin to help correct and prevent breakouts