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SECRET MEN’S BUSINESS Non-surgical Male facial rejuvenation

COSMETIC INJECTION               advance skin treatments
Anti wrinkle injections                                    PRP(platelet rich plasma) treatments
Hyperhidrosis                                                Collagen induction therapy-Micro needling
Dermal fillers                                                 Medical Microdermabrasion/Hydrobrasion
Lip enhancement                                          Customized Peels/LED light therapy
Cheek and Chin                                            Ultrasonophoresis/oxygen therapy
Hydrating skin boosters                                Cosmetic teeth whitening

Research shows male attractiveness is strongly linked to professional success, across the board, let alone in their personal lives.

They want to reverse signs of ageing. Again, men are under professional pressure to look capable and energetic, and to compete with younger contenders at work and on the dating scene.

They want convenience and minimal disruption in their lives. That means non-surgical procedures have vastly more appeal than going under the knife.They want value for money. The value proposition of the procedure has to provide a convincing return on their investment.

Lastly, it is critical that the treatment is subtle and doesn’t feminise their appearance. Most men don’t want to look noticeably different and are much more discreet in their levels of grooming and care.


The key to enhancing male facial features lies in building up the characteristically larger and heavier cranial structures. Strategic deposits of volumising dermal filler can restore definition of the facial features and provide a lifting effect to counteract superficial drooping.

A masculine face needs firmness and volume to retain some ruggedness and expression lines, rather than a smooth and rounded childlike appearance.

At LIDIA NOVA we believe balancing the line of strength men’s jawline, lateral cheekbone projections and the male brow will create more youthful and masculine look.

Medical grade treatments, anti –wrinkle injection and dermal fillers are some of the choices for our male patients to create more handsome and masculine look.