Suitable for all skin types, this advanced treatment combines microdermabrasion with simultaneously applying product to the skin. It superficially polishes the skin, refines the skin's surface, plumping fine lines while unclogging blocked pores. This innovative and effective treatment will allow clients who are already receiving effective clinical treatments to receive an even deeper treatment or enjoy a relaxing hydrating repair treatment.

Treatment Duration Treatment Price
Single 6 or more
Hydrobrasion and medical peel 45 minutes $150.00 20% off
Hydrobrasion and sonophoresis 45 minutes $150.00 20% off
Hydrobrasion, Peel, Sonophoresis 60 minutes $195.00 20% off
Hydrobrasion, Peel, Hydrating 60 minutes $195.00 20% off


Micro-Fusion Anti-ageing Treatment

A deep exfoliating and firming treatment designed to effectively firm and plump fine lines and wrinkles. This intense treatment will assist in rebuilding the collagen network within the skin using a combination of highly effective peptides in conjunction with Vitamin C. Pigmentation, acne and deep cleansing variations can be tailored as part of this treatment.

Contraindications to microdermabrasion include:


xxActive acne

xx Herpes simplex ( cold sores)

xx Eczema or dermatitis

xx Skin cancer

xx Vascular lesions



xx Roaccutane (as a guide, medication must have been discontinued double the length of time of duration of the oral treatment)

xx Open wounds of any kind

xx Sunburn

FAQs About Micro-Fusion Anti-ageing Treatment

Is Micro-Fusion Anti-ageing Treatment painful?

No. Because the diamond wand gently exfoliates the skin; microdermabrasion should not be painful or leave the client with any discomfort.

Is Micro-Fusion Anti-ageing Treatment safe?

Yes. Because Micro-Fusion Anti-ageing Treatment is a non-invasive procedure the risks are minimal. Performed by experienced staff, treatment can significantly enhance the overall skin tone and clarity.

Can I return to work after the treatment?

Yes. Micro-Fusion Anti-ageing Treatment can be done in your lunchtime. After the treatment skin should look and feel refreshed and slightly flushed.

What area can be treated?

Face including eye area, neck and décolletage, back, hands and arms.